Health System Planning

Planning, Management and Evaluation

Primary Health Care

We provide support to the Capital District Health Authority in developing and implementing its strategy for primary care. This includes the facilitation, research and production of a District-wide approach to engaging more than 400 family doctors in a District Department of Family Medicine, developing multi-disciplinary teams of service delivery and crafting new relationships between community-based program areas to achieve a more integrated approach to care. Consistent with our principle that planning and communications are two sides of a coin, our role with Capital Health also includes supporting the District’s communication strategy for primary care.

Similarly, we have been retained by the South Shore District Health Authority to provide support to plan for primary health care in the District, including the development of two rural primary care delivery models and a framework for family physician payment and practice deliverables.

We have also been engaged by the Annapolis Valley District Health Authority to provide support to the implementation of its strategic plan for primary health care. This assignment involves a focus on staff development in the area of primary health care management, co-chairing the Primary Health Care Steering Committee, providing technical support to the District Family Practice Advisory Committee, as well as providing support to the senior management team in articulating and carrying out its role in primary health care leadership and advocacy.

We also developed the Tui’kn Initiative, which includes the five First Nations communities in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. This is an historic undertaking in which new models of primary care are being customized to the particular needs of each community while addressing health concerns shared by all. Since developing the proposal and facilitating the partnerships, we were engaged by the project to provide strategic policy and communications advice as well as to oversee the reporting and accountability to all stakeholders.

Internationally, our health portfolio includes having developed a primary care proposal for World Bank funding in West Africa, focusing on child and maternal care. This process involved securing necessary venture capital, a site visit to The Gambia with a multi-sector technical consulting team to complete a needs assessment, preparation of the project proposal, and liaison/advocacy with national and international funding, diplomatic and regulatory agencies to advance the project.